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Yopo Seeds
Anadenanthera Peregrina

Yopo Seeds as know as Anadenanthera Peregrina, the genus Anadenanthera, a member of the leguminosae family, has been used for its psychoactive effects for approximetaly 4,500 years.

Anadenanthera Colubrina (Yopo) was traditionally used in shamanism by the Indians of the Southern region of the Andes. The seeds were made into a snuff called Cebil or Vilca. Anadenanthera peregrina is used throughout South America. It is used in the Orinoco basin, where it must be cultivated by shamans because it is not native to the area.. It is made into a snuff, under the name Yopo.

The Yanomano and Waika tribes use it in Epena, a snuff containing A. Peregrina seeds, Plant Ashes, and other substances. It was traditionally used in the West Indies as a snuff called Cohoba, though this use was eradicated.

These seeds are wild harvested and are naturally organic. These seeds have not been treated by fungicides, pesticides, or any other chemical coatings. The Yopo seed’s flat and round shape also make them great for crafts and jewelry. Although Andenanthera peregrina has been used for ceremonial purposes for centuries, we sell our seeds strictly for cultivation purposes, and craft supplies.

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