Tiki Tiki Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds-LOWEST PRICES EVER!!


Only the HIGHEST quality, ORGANIC Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds (HBWS) offered by LHS! Extreme due to it’s historical use by natives…



Maybe we’ve had too many of these! But, Prices are at an ALL TIME LOW for these hard to get seeds!

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Only the HIGHEST quality, ORGANIC seeds offered by LHS!

Considered Extreme Seeds Due to it’s Historical use by Natives…

Information – Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds (HBWS) Hawaiian baby woodrose is a vigorous perennial vine, which can climb as high as 10 meters, produces a latexlike sap in its cells. The opposite petiolate leaves are cordate and can grow up to 27 cm in length. Their undersides of the Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds are covered with hairs and have a silvery appearance (hence the name silver morning glory). The violet- or lavender-colored flowers are funnel shaped and attached to cymes. The sepals are also covered with hairs. The rondish fruits are berry shaped and contain smooth brown seeds. Each Hawaiian baby woodrose seed capsule contains from one to four seeds (one dosage with natives). The genus Argyreia consists of some ninety species, many of which are easily confused with Argyreia nervosa, or Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. It is also easily mistaken for the vine Calystegia sepium Brown. It is sometimes even eonfused with Hawaiian wood rose Merremi tuberosa. The Hawaiian baby woodrose seed had a traditional use as a hallucinogen that had been discovered in Nepal. Now days many plants and seeds are making there ways into modern culture as people are fascinated with the effects of such ethnobotanicals. The Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds have just recently become popular in the last 5 years as a seed that has hallucinogenic properties. We want to provide the most information on Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds as possible so everyone will have a guide on what this amazing entheogen does. We respect these sacred seeds and don’t want anyone abusing them in anyway. So, if you have information you would like to add to our Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds site, please contact us. The hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, also known as “Argyreia Nervosa”, or HBWS are found in mature stems of a vigorously growing twining bindweed climb up to 30ft (10m) high and carry a latexlike milk. The stemmed, heart-shaped leaves of the Hawaiian baby woodrose are finely haired and have a silvery appearance due to a dense white down that covers the young stems and the leaf undersides. The funnel-shaped flowers of the Hawaiian baby woodrose are violet and lavender and are carried in the leaf axis. Their sepals are finely haired. The round fruit are berrylike and contain smooth brown seeds. In each seed capsule there are 1-4 hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. The Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds plant originates in India where it has been used medicinally since ancient times. A traditional use as an entheogen has not yet been discovered. Phytochemical research is to thank for the awareness of its potent psychedelic constitution. The seeds contain 0.3% Ergot alkaloids (ergine and lyserfic-acid-amides). Most psychonauts describe LSD-like effects after taking 4-8 Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. These hawaiian baby woodrose seeds have also sparked a lot of interest in modern culture. Some of the HBWS you may come across are horrible quality. To really tell the difference between a quality Hawaiian baby woodrose seed you can easily look at the outside of the seed. If it looks dried out and cracked they probably aren’t the best HBWS out there. You really want to have Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds that have a fuzzy/hairy outside appearance if it that part has not yet been taken off. The seed should also be somewhat hard to crack, because the white nut on the inside should be somewhat hard and not easily smashed. If the Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds can be cracked with a hammer in one shot, the quality of the HBWS is bad.

Each pack of the Tiki HBWS contain 5 seeds! ONLY $2.99 *

LHS does not sell these seeds for human consumption, rather for sewing and/or research purposes ONLY! If you are interested in shamanic/native uses of these wonderful seeds please click the link below:

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