BOMB Liquid Kratom Extract





BOMB Liquid Kratom Extract is the NEW player in town. It was made to compete with MIT45 and OPMS liquids. With their first liquid product, I would say they did a GREAT Job!

A High Quality, Potent & Effective Kratom Liquid that goes a LONG WAY! With 150mg of Mitragynine in each bottle, you will feel the difference.

A MUST TRY for the Kratom Enthusiast! LIMIT QUANTITIES, so Take Advantage and get them NOW!!

Your Choice:

  • GOLD
  • NANO Chocolate Raspberry


Additional information

Custom Option

1 Bottle GOLD, 1 Bottle NANO, 2 Bottles NANO, 2 Bottles GOLD, 4 Bottles NANO, 4 Bottles GOLD, 8 Bottles NANO, 8 Bottles GOLD, 12 Bottles GOLD, 20 Bottles GOLD


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