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A POTENT 1000mg of Pure, Organic, non-GMO Full Spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol) Concentration from the Wonderful Cannabis Sativa L plant.

Ingredients: water, hemp distillate, mineral oil, stearic acid (from veg. oil), coconut oil, glycerine (kosher), lanolin, glycerine stearate (from cottonseed oil), cetyl alcohol (kosher from palm oil), tea, vitamin E

CBD is available in many different forms, most of which is ingested. For example, CBD comes in oils, gummies, and even vapes. Yet, when it comes to targeting specific areas of the body, sometimes it is best to apply a CBD topical also known as a CBD topical cream, directly to that area of the body.
What sets Healing Leaf CBD apart from its competitors is the rich CBD formulation that is incorporated into each of our selected creams. Extracted from high-grade hemp, our topicals are made of pure and natural substances, allowing our customers to take advantage of the key benefits of the Cannabis Sativa L plant.
Furthermore, we top up our creams with additional natural substances and nutrients, allowing us to maximize what nature has to offer. The Healing Leaf CBD topical cream is the perfect lotion to have in your cabinet. Furthermore, due to its longevity and additional ingredients, the cream provides a long-lasting soothing effect.

At Healing Leaf CBD we know how important it is for our customers to receive top of the range CBD creams and therefore have created a one-in-all CBD topical that is geared towards a wide range of usages. We strongly believe in quality rather than quantity, and therefore offer only a selected number of products to our customers.

All our products are infused with our CBD formulation that is constantly monitored and third-party tested. At Healing Leaf CBD our mission is to become one of the leading CBD topical brands on the market, offering high-quality CBD products. We are constantly improving our CBD products and we work extremely hard to make sure that we comply with industry standards, which means that you are getting some of the best products on the market. But don’t take our word for it! Check out for yourself!

When consuming an edible or taking a few drops of our CBD oils, you are actually ingesting CBD directly into your system. With a CBD Topical, the process is different. By using a CBD Topical, you are applying it directly to the specific area, for a fast-acting effect.

This allows the CBD to immediately get to work. It’s important to note that CBD topicals are not intended to cure any conditions.
In most cases, customers apply the CBD topical ointment or topical CBD cream to their wrists, knees or other areas where the joints are located. CBD topicals are a preferred option and may be used on a daily basis. Whether you decide to go for a CBD topical or another CBD product on the Healing Leaf CBD website, remember; always consult with a professional before using any CBD derived product.

Furthermore, when purchasing a CBD topical, always store it in a dry and cool place, well out of the reach of children.If you are unsure about anything on our website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime, feel free to browse our wide range of CBD oils, edibles and topicals.

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