SURGE – THCa Liquid Diamonds Disposable Vapes – 7g Tanks!!!




THCa Liquid Diamonds Disposable Vapes are Here!!

We are proud to to be carrying THCa Liquid Diamonds. The MOST POTENT type of THCa in the industry. Liquid diamonds are a potent cannabis concentrate made from THCA diamonds and live resin sauce. They can have potency levels exceeding 90% THC, making them one of the most potent cannabis concentrates on the market!

Most vapes only have between 1g and 2.2g. This is a WHOPPING 7g!!! A quarter ounce of Pure Liquid Bliss you can enjoy for a LONG TIME! No need to buy 3-7 vapes anymore – All you need is this one and it will LAST!

Six Different Strains to choose from:

  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Blue Mystic
  • Sour Tangie
  • Purple Haze
  • Green Goblin
  • White Widow


Additional information

Custom Option

Purple Haze, Forbidden Fruit, Blue Mystic, Sour Tangie, Green Goblin, White Widow


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