Mushroom Cloud OP8 Vape eJuice

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OP8 Vape eJuice is a Stimulating, yet Warm Fuzzy, Relaxing Product.

 A Powerful Punch of the following Concentrated Extracts:

California Poppy seed extract
California Poppy plant extract
Mexican Prickly Poppy extract
Red Poppy extract
Opium Lettuce extract

One you have NEVER experienced before – Guaranteed! This is OUR breakthrough product of the year – hands down! You will soon see why. Once you try this…we GUARANTEE you will be back for more.

Be one of the FIRST to try OP8 & recommend it to friends!

Reported Effects: Euphoric, Stimulant, Relaxation, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Anxiety, Pain Relief, Muscle Relaxer

* Please do NOT drive or operate ANY machinery while using this product!


3 reviews for Mushroom Cloud OP8 Vape eJuice

  1. Cooper

    I haven’t tried the OP8 tincture or resin extract. But, if it’s half as good as this, you will LOVE it!! Just as the name states 😉

  2. astincoleman3

    Can I get a euphoric feeling from this because that’s what I’m looking for

  3. Jack Ballenger (verified owner)

    Decent stuff once you figure out how to hit it. Mouth-to-lung, and hold it in. Still debating if I would buy it again, but there is a mild calming effect. Has a bit of an opium feel to it. Mildly sedating. Full body feel. But once again nothing too powerful. It’s a decent mixture 👌

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