Sneak *A* Vape Vaporizer


Sneak A Vape Cordless Vaporizer is no bigger than a regular cigar, making it the worlds smallest and most discrete vaporizer. Sneak A Vape Vaporizer the most portable, compact and discrete herbal vaporizer!


Sneak A Vape Vaporizer is no bigger than a regular cigar.  Sneak A Vape the most portable, compact and discrete dry herb vaporizer! The Sneak-a-vape portable vaporizer is unlike any other vaporizer that is available on the market today. Built to be compact and portable so you can enjoy the best vaporizing experience anywhere you like.

“Sneak A Vape” in the club, in the car or wherever you feel the need to use. You can stash it in your pocket and forget about it until you feel the need to vaporize. This vaporizer boasts a compact design, complete with a built in lighter. This unit is about the size of a cigar, making it not only portable, but discreet. This vaporizer is perfect for discrete use in small spaces or shared rooms (club, lounge, street etc).

  • Vaporizers Help Your Lungs Stay Healthy
  • Vaporizers can cut your annual smoke cost by up to 86%
  • Vaporization is 95% Smoke and Carcinogen free.

Save your lungs! Vaporization is 80%-96% Pure vs 40% pure when product is burned. Medical doctors recommend using a vaporizer for people who ingest herbs for holistic or medical purposes. Vaporization is virtually odorless and smokeless. Since no combustion occurs, the strong odor and smoke left behind from smoking is non-existent. A light, misty odor appears then quickly dissipates. Vaporizing is perfect for discreet use in small spaces, shared rooms or un-ventilated areas.

Vaporize all you want without the smell alerting others or getting on your clothes. It is  different because it uses a flame to heat up your herb. So, be careful, or it can light your herb! You need the right amount of heat to extract the vapor.

Sneak A Vape DRY HERB Vaporizer is the most:

**Inexpensive herbal vaporizer: NOW ONLY $19.99

Portable vaporizer: Weight: 2.5 oz

Compact vaporizer: size of a regular cigar: Height: 5″(13cm) and Width: 0.7″(1.8cm).

Discrete vaporizer: perfect for shared rooms and small spaces. Efficient vaporizer: 5 to 8 draws from your herb. Available in BLACK, RED, BLUE, GREEN & SILVER! Choose your color in the drop down box above (next to the picture).

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Custom Option

Red, Blue, Green, Silver


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